Club News – 12th Jun 2022

Hi Everyone,

Friday club night
– Good to see a good turn out on Friday night.
– We welcome Tommy Nevin and his son Thomas who enjoyed their first night.
– Thanks to Chris, Robbie, Bill, Hans and Keith for support

Cheerio Achint
– Our club captain Achint Makesh said a surprising farewell on Friday night.
– Achint wants to become a pilot and will spend the coming months training in America and Spain learning the skills.
– He plans to take his bat on his travels.
– Achint was a successful club player and always enjoyed the challenge of junior and senior league.
– He was always very competitive and I’m sure he will use these skills to achieve his goal.
– He’ll be back for sure.
– We wish him well.

Kirkmuirhill Girls Brigade
– Enjoyed my visit to Kirkmuirhill on Monday night.
– The challenge the 4 girls face in learning the new sport of Table Tennis for a DOE Silver Award is the quality of bats and balls that are available to them.
– Understand they can only work with the equipment that is provided.
– However that challenge becomes even more difficult with inferior equipment .
– I took along some club bats and practice balls which hopefully made our session a bit easier.
– I have them working on a Butterfly Skills programme Improver Bronze level.
– The girls are very keen to learn and achieve their goal. Keep you posted.

– Watch today’s young talent



Club News – 23rd May 2022

Good Evening,

Friday Club Night
– Delighted to see everyone enjoying themselves at our club night.
– Welcome to two new members – Marlee and Tommy.

Club Challenge
– Unfortunately our club challenge has had to be cancelled.
– The matches were to be held in a school hall which is now being used for exams.
– The club was initially advised the hall was free and available for use.
– We hope to rearrange this for a later date.
– We will keep you posted.

EK Sports Disability Club
– We hope to organise two sessions at Duncanrig SC in July with EKSDC
– The club is still going well and we hope to continue our good links that were
interrupted by the pandemic.

– North Ayrshire TTC in epic British Premier League performance.

Thanks for your support


Club News – 11th May 2022

Hi Everyone

Friday Club Night
– Please note that our club night returns on Friday 13th May 18:00 – 19:45.

Club Challenge
– Senior and Junior player’s have been invited to attend a club night challenge at Joe Wilson TT club.
– When I spoke to everyone at the last club night, a number of players showed interest.
– We now have a venue and date and are now looking to confirm numbers.
-The challenge will take place on Tuesday 31st May at Taylor High School Motherwell
with Juniors starting at 18:30 start and Seniors starting at 19:30.
– We are keen for all players to attend as we want to encourage as many players to come along and give it a go.
– We hope that many of our new juniors and seniors will see this as an opportunity to test their skills and have a bit of fun at same time.
– I would appreciate it if you could please confirm your interest as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support


Club News – 24th Apr 2022

Hi everyone,

Friday Club Night
– Delighted to see another very busy night on Friday night.
– We welcome 3 new members: Jill, Ken and Ron.
– However we say goodbye to John Wilson who has decided not to continue playing due to injury. We wish him well.
– Calum, Harry and Joe also plan to take a break. Hopefully we will see them return sometime in the future.
– Good to see Jack Brown return, having arranged a night off from work to come and join us :-).
– Thanks to Brendan, Bill and Keith for their support .

Friday Club Night Cancelled 29th April & 6th May
– Please note our club nights will be cancelled on Friday 29th April and 6th May due to JWSC being used for local elections.
– Return on Friday 13th May.

Club Fees
– As a result of recent club night cancellations for 3 out of 4 nights.
– The club is happy for club members to cancel club fees for month of May to compensate.

Joe Wilson Club Challenge Invitation
– We have had an invite to take part in a club event being held by Joe Wilson TTC some time in May.
– The club made contact to check out level of interest but a date has still to be arranged.
– The feedback from young new players and seniors was encouraging.
– We will keep you posted.

Bribar Table Tennis
– I’m an agent for Bribar Table Tennis who supply an extensive range of TT equipment and clothing etc.
– If you would like to try one of our trial bats let me know.
– Bribar Catalogue here

– See a “Blocking” video here

Thanks for your support

Club News – 4th Apr 2022

Hi Everyone,

Friday Club Night
– Delighted to see another good attendance on Friday night.
– The range of ages and abilities is certainly proving a challenge for the coaches at our club night sessions.
– The coaches welcome that challenge of having players enthusiastic and keen to learn new skills.
– While Keith, Chris and Robbie worked with the younger squad on Bat skills games, Thomas supported Lucy, Cameron and Eva on Butterfly Skills programme.
– I took the senior squad to hopefully improve their understanding of the game. 🤔
– A warm welcome to new members Kirill and Ivan who have decided to join our club..

EKTTC Committee Monday 28th March 8pm
– Many thanks to everyone for attending our quarterly meeting.
– At the meeting we welcomed new members Achint (Club Captain ) and Kirsty (Parent Rep)
– We continue to work at developing our club in these challenging times.
– Despite some setbacks the club committee still remains focused on achieving it’s goals.
– If you think you could be of help let me know.

Friday Club Night Cancelled 15th April
– Please note our club night will be cancelled on Friday 15th April

EK Community Sports Hub – Area Based – Funding and Support
– We are delighted to have received funding from EK Community Sports Hub of £500 which is the first part of a total of £900 with the remainder to come soon.
– This funding is to help the club support initiatives we have already started with local primary schools, encouraging female participation and NHS referral.
– In all of these areas, we will continue to explore different ways of working within our community to achieve these goals.
– Many thanks to Gavin Maclure (EKCSH) for his support with funding.

Bribar Table Tennis
– I’m an agent for Bribar Table Tennis who supply an extensive range of TT equipment and clothing etc.
– If you would like to try one of our trial bats let me know.
– View the Bribar Catalogue

Win more points with better ball placement

Thanks for your support,


Club News – 13th Mar 2022

Hi Everyone,

Friday Club Night
– Players with different skills levels are learning in different ways on a Friday night.
– We have started to move a couple of our younger players Aaron, Eva, Cameron and Lucy onto Butterfly Skills programme which will help them improve their skill level.
– Thomas Gray has agreed to work with the younger players and we hope over the coming months they will see the benefit of this focused support.
– All players who want to improve need to practice more and hopefully in the near future we will give them this opportunity.
– A warm welcome to Wojtek’s 3 daughters who have decided to join our club.
– Thanks to Brendan, Chris, Bill, Keith, Bruce and Thomas who helped support.

– We now have 8 girls in attendance at our club.
– One of the club goal’s over the past few years has been to increase the number of female participants.
– We are delighted to see our numbers increasing but more importantly that the girls are enjoying themselves.

Bribar Table Tennis
– I’m an agent for Bribar Table Tennis who supply an extensive range of TT equipment and clothing etc.
– If you would like to try one of our trial bats let me know.
– Bribar catalogue here

Finally – Consistency v Tactics
– If you fail to improve your consistency of shots in rallies within games then you will fail to implement your tactics.
– See video here

Thanks for your support


Club News – 27th Feb 2022

Hi Everyone,

Friday Club Night
– Another good session on Friday night with a warm welcome to Wojtek who came along to join us.
– Thanks to Brendan, Bill and Keith for support.

EKTTC Challenge Matches
– Looking to set up some challenge matches with other clubs.
– Please let me know if you would be interested in participating.
– I only had one response to this request.
– I am keen to get players gaining experience of playing other club players.
– Once we have an understanding of whose interested we will make contact with the clubs.

Club Fees
– A further reminder to pay club fees if you haven’t done so already.
– See club fee & bank details here

Bribar Table Tennis
– I’m an agent for Bribar Table Tennis who supply an extensive range of TT equipment and clothing etc.
– If you would like to try one of our trial bats let me know.
– Bribar Catalogue here

– How to return serve with a touch shot – see video

Thanks for your support,


Have you tried the EKTTC App?

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Blades, Rubbers & TT Jargon

Our longest standing club supporter, Bill Cummings, has kindly put fingers to the keyboard to document some of his valuable insight on Table Tennis Blades, Rubbers and “jargon busting”.

Bill is our “bat master” and regularly supports members with the fitting of new rubbers, etc. Between him and Peter, our Head Coach we have successfully built up a small collection of test bats which allow members to try and test different kinds before you buy.

A lot of the knowledge is captured in this document. (it’s in the Useful Information section of our Key Club Documents page).

Have a read and if it raises any questions, please feel free to chat to Bill or Peter about it when you next see them.