Club News – 10th March 2018

Stephen Gertsen visit on Friday 9th March 2018

Great night thanks to everyone who came along on Friday night.
Stephen was really pleased with the turnout and the effort the players displayed.
He also highlighted a number areas where players have to change to improve their level of performance.
Hopefully on Stephen’s next visit he will see an improvement in all our players.

EK Shield 2018 –Club Championships Saturday 17th March John Wright Sports Centre Hall 3.

Many thanks to everyone who has entered this year’s championships. Please arrive at 1pm prompt. Looking forward to it!

Club night fees

Delighted to see that we have managed to now have all club players paying direct to club account. Thanks to everyone for your support.

Duncanrig High School

Pleased with another good session at Duncanrig HS and support of PE student/teacher Katherine Dodds.

Tuesday Club Night

Please note Euan will organise club night on Tuesday as I will be away on that night.

Positive Coaching

Fill Emotional Tank

E      Encourage your participants using verbal and non verbal communication.
T      Sport is a fantastic way of teaching life lessons. Coaches should utilise teachable moments.
A     Praise effort regardless of outcome. Pay special attention to effort goals.
N     Encourage and build confidence with positive body language.
K      Use praise to develop mutual trust by giving truthful and specific feedback.

New Member

Welcome to Ben Willmott who joined the club on Tuesday night another recruit from Duncanrig HS Table Tennis Club.

Club News Survey

We want your feedback on this Newsletter – you can find the Survey here.


To Euan and Robbie Maitland for support at Tuesday club night.
To Brendan, Euan, Chris Bill and Jennie for their support on Friday.
To Katherine Dodds a PE student at Strathclyde University who came along for a visit on Friday.

 Thanks for your support


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