Club News – 21st March 2018

Club Championship Saturday 17th March JWSC 2018
Doubles Winners: Bobby Gray and Jack Brown
Doubles Runners-up: Ross Nicol and Thomas Gray

  • Some close matches between the doubles teams but Bobby & Jack stood out as worthy winners with Ross & Thomas doing well to be runners up.
  • Great to see our less experienced players playing with more experience players and lifting their game. Well done to all.

U11 Winner: Diarmid McCreadie
U11 Runner Up: Thomas Gray

  • Ayaan and Ans entered their first competitive event since joining the club in February and performed well.
  • Diarmid and Thomas had won both their matches before meeting each other for the decider.
  • A competitive match followed with Diarmid and Thomas serving up a good final with Diarmid winning 3-0.

U13 Winner: Bobby Gray
U13 Runner-Up: Ross Nicol

  • Interesting group of players and with Bobby a clear favourite it was difficult to see who would stand out among the rest.
  • As the group progressed the games and matches became difficult to predict. Two outstanding matches Ashton against Ross
  • And Ross against Jack showed the next challenger to Bobby was Ross as he won both those matches which were very close.
  • Bobby in great form won all his matches but Ross, Ashton Jack and Ben can all be pleased how they all performed.

U18 Winner: Achint Makesh
U18 Runner-Up: Luke Jackson

  • Two groups of 3 players gave three U13 players the opportunity to test their skills against Luke and Achint who have more experience.
  • 4 players made it through to semi finals Robbie Mackenzie,Luke,Bobby and Achint.
    Good semi -finals with Bobby and Luke serving some good rallies as did Robbie and Achint.
  • However it was Luke and Achint who progressed to final and what a final they produced.
    Some terrific rallies the match at 2-2 with everyone looking on engrossed.
  • In last game at 10-10 it was still to close to call although Luke had a 6-2 lead at one point.
    Eventually Achint produced a winning shot to win 14-12. Fantastic match with great sportsmanship shown between the players.

Tuesday Club night

  • Please note Tuesday club night has been moved to JWSC for the next 8 weeks from Alistair McCoist Complex (AMC) because of work at JWSC.
  • We have been relocated as a result. Disappointed how this was handled.

Friday club night

  • Please note this club night has been cancelled on Friday 30th March 2018.

Inter League

  • Achint Makesh will represent WOS league at District inter league event this weekend at Bells Sports Centre Perth over two days – we wish him well.

School Link

  • The club has set up a link with Hamilton Grammar which we hope to visit in the coming months. We will keep you posted on how that develops.
  • Duncanrig HS will continue to be supported at the same time.


  • To Robbie and Euan for their support in my absence last Tuesday.
  • To Brendan, Bill and Chris for support on Friday.
  • To everyone who supported club championship on Saturday much appreciated.

Thanks for your support


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