Ladder Competition Results

Tonight we had our first go at introducing a ladder competition on a club night – it was great fun and the kids loved it.

We had two groupings and randomly assigned the starting points for everyone in each group….
Ladder A&B-20180420-End
And we ended up with these rankings at the end of the night!

Everyone had a great time challenging each other and well done to Bobby and Diarmid for finishing top of their respective ladders!

Just to add a bit of spice, we added some promotion & relegation rules:

  • The bottom 2 in Ladder A get relegated and will join Ladder B
  • The top 2 in Ladder B get promoted and will join Ladder A

This will create the starting point for the ladders for the next round of competition in May! Good luck to everyone in the next round!!

PS You can review all the Ladder Rules on our Key Documents page.

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