Club News – 29th April 2018

Friday Club Night

  • Next Friday 4th May, we continue our 2 hour sessions from 7.30pm- 9.30pm – this week is Multiball.
  • Pleased with response of players on Friday night to footwork session organised by Euan and Jennie.
  • A challenging session that pushed the players to give of their best.
  • Well done to all players.

East Kilbride Open Competition

  • Please note next club competition EK Open Saturday on 19th May 2018.
  • Entry Form can be found here. Closing date 11th May.
  • Only a few entries received – don’t leave entries until the last minute or you maybe miss out.
  • Jack Regan to return U18 EK Open Shield next Friday 27th April.

Hamilton Grammar

  • I went along to Hamilton Grammar for a short visit on Tuesday to TT lunchtime club.
  • I met up with Active Schools Clare Murphy, Mr.Dyett (PE teacher) and pupils attending the club.
  • PE teachers seem to be very keen on table tennis and appear to have a good understanding of the sport.
  • As a result this helps them to guide pupils who select TT as a sport through Nat 5 exams.
  • I was also impressed with all 16 pupils in attendance (including club player Robbie McKenzie) making the effort at lunchtime to take at least 6 TT tables upstairs
    to a gym hall using a lift and then setting up for 30 mins of TT before returning tables. I wonder how many other school pupils would make that effort at lunchtime.
  • Looking forward to my next visit.

EK Sports Council Awards

  • Delighted to have received East Kilbride Sports Council Coach of the Year 2017 on Saturday night at EK Village theatre.

EK Coach of the Year 2018

  • I feel it also recognises the strides EKTTC has made in the past year.
  • Thanks to Chris McKenna who nominated me for this award and to everyone for their kind comments.

East Kilbride Development Funding Forum

  • Brendan has agreed to do a presentation on our successful Awards for All funding application for the benefit of other clubs in the town.
  • The presentation will take place on Monday evening (30th April) at East Kilbride Sports Club along with David Eadie from EK Rugby Club.

NOTE: This meeting was postponed and will be rescheduled again in the future.

Coaches – worth a read


  • To Euan, Jennie, Chris and Bill on Friday night.
  • To Euan and Robbie Maitland for support on Tuesday night.

Thanks for your support



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