Club News – 10th June 2018

Parents Challenge

  • Two great nights hopefully enjoyed by parents who attended.
  • Thanks to everyone who came along and supported.
  • Photos below:

Club Committee Meeting

  • Very positive meeting with some good discussions around clubs’s future plans.
  • Minutes coming soon.

East Kilbride News

  • Good article in EK News (page 20) this week featuring a profile on club chairman Brendan Faulds.

Final Club Night

  • Friday 15th June.
  • Final Ladder competition.
  • Club resumes on Friday 10th August.

West of Scotland Junior League kit

  • See shirt options for junior league kit next season in Peter’s email.
  • Let him know your preference – top 3.
  • We have prices for all except new Joola shirts .
  • Prices are the same for others as our existing club shirts which is good news.


  • To Robbie for support on Tuesday night.
  • To Euan, Chris, Brendan and Bill on Friday night.
  • Many thanks to everyone who has supported the club this season.
  • We have certainly seen a lot of changes and we couldn’t have implemented many of them without your support.

Take care over the summer  break.




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