Club News – 19th August 2018

Hi everyone,

North Ayrshire Open

  • Closing date Saturday is 25th August 2018
  • We are encouraging all junior league players and others to attend North Ayrshire Open on Sunday 2nd September.
  • See this link for Entry Form.
  • Please advise Peter if you plan to submit an entry form.

Coaches Meeting

  • Thanks to Chris for organising coaches meeting this week and to those who attended.

Club nights

  • Tuesday 7pm-9pm
  • Friday 7pm-10pm
  • Both nights at John Wright Sports Centre.

Welcome to new members

  • A warm welcome to new members Ewan, Paul and Jack who came along and enjoyed club nights this week.

Bribar Table Tennis

  • Let me know if you would like to purchase any TT equipment from Bribar or if you need advice just ask.

Club Fees

  • Could you ensure you have set up club fees for this month please?
  • Thanks if you have organised this in advance.
Improve your Serves
Thanks for your support

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