Club News – 23rd September 2018

Hi everyone

Club Meeting

  • Many thanks to everyone who attended our club meeting on Monday night.
  • Great work going on behind the scenes to improve the structure and development of our players and club.

Volunteers are not paid– not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless. 

Intro to Table Tennis course

  • Unfortunately due to poor weather conditions we were unable to go ahead with our planned Introduction to TT course for 25 pupils at local schools.
  • The course will be rescheduled as quickly as possible by Active Schools.

Stephen Gertsen

  • Great session from Stephen and well done to the players who responded.
  • The players are working hard and will need to continue to do so to meet the challenges set out by our National coach.
  • We look forward to Stephen’s next visit.


  • The club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) normally takes place in December each year.
  • However, this has been a little bit problematic as the club’s financial year runs to the end of December and we are never able to share our final accounts at the AGM.
  • To resolve this,it has been proposed to change the date of our AGM to the end of January each year to allow for a complete year end report to be shared with members.
  • This proposal was accepted and approved by the club’s Management Committee.
  • So, the next AGM will take place in late January 2019 – we will share the precise date & time when we have the booking confirmed.
  • Note: This will require a change to the Club Constitution which will be formally endorsed by members at the AGM.

Tuesday club night

  • Please note that Euan, Chris and Robbie Maitland will organise session on Tuesday night in my absence.

Friday club night

  • This week we will see the return of the league ladder/s. l look forward another frantic night of challenge requests.

EKTTC Calendar

Achint Makesh

  • Good luck to Achint Makesh who will play his first match for 44th BB this week in WOS Senior League.


  • A warm welcome to new members Keith and Bruce who picked a good night to join up with club members.

Peoples Project 2019

  • Thanks to Brendan and Ewan who have put together a small video which we will share on our website this week.
  • The video will show our ambitious development plans and the structure we hope to put in place if we are successful with our Peoples Project application.

Bribar Table Tennis

  • Let me know if you would like to purchase TT equipment from Bribar or if you need advice just ask.
  • Club kit – shirt and shorts cost £30.00 available in many sizes. Do you have suitable footwear for TT ?  Do you need new rubbers ?
  • See the catalogue at


  • To Jennie for excellent feeding to Stephen on Friday night
  • To Euan and Robbie Maitland for support on Tuesday night.
  • To Chris, Brendan and Bill for support on Friday night
Thanks for your support.

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