Club News – 14th October 2018

Hi Everyone

Peoples Project 2019

  • Big news this week is that we have passed the first stage in the Peoples Project 2019.
  • However still a bit of work to be done.


  • To Lauren Sweeney and Gregor Stewart who visited the club for first time on Friday night and were given a warm welcome by all.  

Friday club night

  • Good session from Chris and Robbie Maitland on pushes and drives. Well done to all players in the newly refurbished Hall 3 at JWSC.
  • This coming Friday – Brendan will organise another league ladder. Bring it on !!!
  • Delighted to see Andrew Irwin and Jack Regan who returned to club on Friday night.
  • Andrew for a visit and Jack making a return to assist the club with coaching.

Challenge Matches 

  • Delighted to announce two forthcoming challenge matches.
  • North Ayrshire 
    • Saturday 27th October 2018 in St.Matthews Academy, Saltcoats at 11am
    • Looking for players to compete in this match at all levels so please let me know if you are available to attend. Timing is from 11am to 2pm/3pm.
    • Thanks to players who have confirmed.
    • Could we look at car sharing if that helps players attend on the day?
  • 44th BB 
    • Sunday 4th November 2018 in Cardonald at 2pm
    • Team 1: Thomas, Ashton and Ross 
    • Team 2: Michael, Paul and Bruce.


  • “Work for a cause, not for applause”

Club Captain 

  • Looking for nominations for club captain. Anyone can nominate. Thanks to Euan for his support in that role in the past year or so.
  • Once we have all the nominees we will have a vote by club players. 
  • Nominees names required by Sunday 21st October.
  • We had one response last week thanks to Diarmid 😉

EKTTC Calendar

Tom Lodziak

Bribar Table Tennis

  • Let me know if you would like to purchase TT equipment from Bribar or if you need advice just ask.
  • Club kit – shirt and shorts cost £30.00 available in many sizes. Do you have suitable footwear for TT ?  Do you need new rubbers ?
  • See product catalogue here:

Club Meeting on Monday 5th November 2018

  • Murray Owen at 7pm.
  • All welcome.
  • Always looking for people to help us progress the club.


  • To Chris who organised a coaches meeting before club night on Friday and to all who attended.
  • To Robbie and Chris for session on pushes and drives on Friday night
  • To Euan,Robbie Maitland and Erin for support on Tuesday night.
  • To Brendan,Chris,Euan,Jennie and Bill for support on Friday night
Thanks for your support

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