Club News – 18th November 2018

Hi Everyone (a bit later online this week!)

Training Camp JWSC Hall 3 Saturday 24th November 1530 – 1730

  • We had one player at our last Training Camp last month.
  • Let me know if you plan or do not plan to attend the camp – please respond.
  • The numbers attending will determine if we book more dates for next year.


Friday Club night

  • Thanks to Bill for a great session on Multiball
  • Luke, Bobby and Diarmid worked hard, performed really well on F/H topspin and enjoyed it.
  • Thanks to Robbie Maitland for organising Butterfly Skills another great session.
  • Butterfly Skills
  • Well done to all players and thanks to coaches on Butterfly Skills.
  • Ashton passed Silver Advance and now progresses onto final stage Gold Advance.
  • Thomas, Cameron and Ellis all passed Bronze Advance and progress to Silver Advance.


Introduction to TT Course 900am -1100am

  • On Monday 19th November, 20 pupils from EK and Strathaven schools will participate in this course at Duncanrig HS.
  • Many thanks to those who will support the pupils on the course
  • Brendan, Chris, Luke, Bobby, Cameron and Jack D Brown.


Scotland’s National Coach -Stephen Gertsen

  • Delighted that Stephen has agreed to support two more Friday night sessions in the New Year – dates 11th Jan and 8th March 2019.


Strathaven Sports Centre TT club night Monday 7-9pm

  • If you fancy a game of TT on a Monday night – 7-9pm. All welcome.


EKTTC Calendar


Positive Coaching – Fill the Emotional Tank

  • E – Encourage your participants using verbal and non verbal communication.
  • T – Sport is a fantastic way of teaching life lessons. Coaches should utilise teachable moments.
  • A Praise effort regardless of outcome. Pay special attention to effort goals.
  • N Encourage and build confidence with positive body language.
  • K Use praise to develop mutual trust by giving truthful and specific feedback



  • To Robbie Maitland, Lauren, Erin, Bobby and Jack D for support on Tuesday night.
  • To Brendan, Bill, Keith, Robbie, Erin, Jennie and Achint for support on Friday night.


Bribar Table Tennis

  • Let me know if you would like to purchase TT equipment from Bribar or if you need advice just ask.
  • Club kit – shirt and shorts cost £30.00 available in many sizes. Do you have suitable footwear for TT ? Do you need new rubbers ?
  • Catalogue:

Thanks for your support



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