Club News – 10th December 2018

Hi Everyone

Training Camp JWSC Saturday 15th November 1530 -1730

  • Let me know if you plan to attend camp on the day – please respond directly to Peter’s email.

WOS Junior League Sunday 9th December 2018 – Drumchapel HS

  • Div 1 EK A and EK B
    • EK A team drew a match and lost one match. EK B team lost both matches.
    • However delighted with some good individual performances against some good teams.
    • Results & Stats
  • Div 2 EK C
    • EK C team also drew one match and lost one match.
    • The team only had two players so a challenge for both players but pleased they stuck to task in hand.
    • Results & Stats
  • Div 3 EK D
    • EK D lost both matches.
    • All players gained confidence when they won games but maybe lost some when they didn’t get results.
    • However I’m encouraged with signs of improvement and confident players will work on their game.
    • Results & Stats
  • Next matches are on 3rd February 2019.

Friday Club Night

  • Delighted with response to Parent Challenge on Friday night.
  • Well done to all.
  • The final Friday club night of this year will be this coming Friday 14th Dec at JWSC which will close early on remaining two Fridays 21st and 28th Dec.
  • The club night will return on Friday 4th January.

Tuesday Club Night

  • Last Family Fun night of the year….thanks to everyone who attended!
  • The final Tuesday club night of this year will be Tuesday 18th December returning on Tuesday 8th January 2019.

Club Calendar

Club Coaches

  • Thanks to club coaches who completed safeguarding course on Friday night at JWSC.

WOS School Qualifiers Sunday 13th January 2018 10:00am start

  • Let me know if you plan to attend school event.


  • To Euan for support on Tuesday night in my absence.
  • To Brendan, Bill, Euan and Keith for support on Friday night.

Thanks for your support



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