Club News – 27th January 2019

Hi Everyone,

WOS Junior League – Sunday 3rd February 2019

Coaches Meeting – Monday 21st January 2019

  • Venue: Murray Owen at 7pm
  • Thanks to Chris for organising meeting and all the coaches for their input.
  • Plans in place for next few months which will involve our new coaches

Test Bats

  • The club has decided to purchase 4 bats which will have different grades of rubbers on each side.
  • This will help coaches understand the different types of rubbers available and the benefits.
  • The club players will also have the opportunity to try out bats if planning to buy new rubbers for their own bats.
  • Great idea from Bill.

EKTTC Calendar


  • To Erin and Lauren for support on video analysis at Tuesday club night.
  • To Paul’s grandad who help support the coaches on Tuesday night.

Finally – check these out:

Thanks for your support



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