Club News – 4th February 2019

Hi Everyone,

WOS Junior League Sunday 3rd February 2018 – final league matches

  • Div 1 EK A and EK B finished 4th and 7th respectively
    • EK A team won a match as North Ayrshire B failed to attend and lost a match.
    • EK B team won a match as North Ayrshire B failed to attend and lost a match.
    • Delighted that players have competed in a challenging league.
    • The EK B team should not have been placed in this Division but not surprisingly their attitude has been great.
    • Division 1 – League Standings
  • Div 2 EK C finished in 2nd position
    • EK C won both matches.
    • Well done to all players and also Ashton who competed for EK C in first match yesterday.
    • Pleased that the players produced two good wins but they had to play well to do so.
    • Division 2 – League Standings
  • Div 3 EK D finished in 4th position
    • EK D won a match and drew a match.Considering both Michael and Bruce had little experience at start of league they have done so well.
    • Players continue to improve growing in confidence but need to continue to work on their game.
    • Division 3 – League Standings
    • Disappointed that 3 out of our 4 teams missed out on a match today because we had a no show from two teams.
    • Thanks to parents for their support yesterday.
    • Next WOS Junior League event is Sunday 17th of March which is a singles event for each division.


  • Thanks to Brendan for organising and players for another night of competition.

Test Bats

  • The club have now been put in place new test bats and are now available for coaches and players to use.

EKTTC Calendar



  • To Erin and Robbie Maitland for support on Tuesday club night.
  • To Paul’s Grandad who helped and supported the coaches on Tuesday night.
  • To Robbie Maitland and Chris for support at Junior League on Sunday

Thanks for your support



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