Club News – 14th April 2019

Hi again everyone,

Tuesday night

  • Thanks to Brendan, Robbie Maitland and Keith for assisting at Tuesday club night.

Friday night

  • Thanks to Bill for a masterclass on how to make up a bat from scratch.
  • He also provided a lot of useful information on what blades and rubbers are suitable for club players.

Club Night Cancelled

  • Club night on Friday 19th April (Good Friday) has been cancelled.
  • Tuesday club night on this week as usual.

EK Open 18th May 2019

  • Next club event Saturday 18th May 2019.
  • Entry form available soon.

Bribar TT

  • Catalogue here!
  • I am an agent for Bribar Table Tennis who I believe supply good products at a competitive price.
  • They can provide made up bats to order.
  • If you would like to order from Bribar let me know and I will order for you.

Club Kit Shirts

  • We have two club shirt styles available to order.
  • Let me know what size and I will get one to you.
  • I may even have your size.
  • Cost £15.00


  • Thanks to Robbie Maitland who attended a course at EK Central Library on Saturday as part of a social programme for clubs/coaches specifically aimed at helping people with mental health issues in sport in our community.
  • Thanks to Jack, Bobby, Ellis and Bruce for their support with video analysis on Tuesday and Friday night..

Thanks for your support


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