Club News – 20th May 2019

Sorry for last week’s news gap – hopefully you all read the email version 🙂

Here is the news this week…..

Hi Everyone,

EK Open JWSC Saturday 18th May 2019


  • Thanks to all the players for making the doubles an enjoyable event to watch and in my case umpire.
  • The banter, respect and quality of play from players was great to see.
  • Three doubles teams tied with 4 wins each at end of play. Jack/Cameron,Bobby/Thomas and Robbie/Diarmid.
  • When the totals of games won and lost were determined by Chris, only Bobby/Thomas and Robbie/Diarmid remained tied.
  • As Robbie/Diarmid had beat Bobby/Thomas they secured first place.
  • Well done to winners Robbie/Diarmid.


  • Only two players, Diarmid and Bruce, competed in this event and both served up a very good match.
  • Although both started off very well it was Bruce who took the first game 11-9.
  • Diarmid levelled the match winning the next game 11-9.
  • Some excellent play by both players in 3rd game saw Diarmid take a 2-1 lead in the match 11-8.
  • However Bruce wasn’t giving up and continued to keep the match tight but Diarmid was playing with confidence and he controlled the final game winning both the game and match 11-6, 3-1.
  • Well done Diarmid!
  • Pleased that both players served up a good match and both continue to improve their game.


  • Group 1: Achint, Bobby, Robbie and Cameron
    • First match was a cracker with both Achint and Bobby pushing each other all the way.
    • The match had some terrific rallies and play throughout and was very entertaining to watch.
    • Bobby winning first two games 2-0 but only just 14-12 and 17-15.
    • Achint was not giving up and stormed back to level the match with two wins 11-9,11-9.
    • In the final game Bobby recovered control of the match winning the game 12-10 and match, 3-2.
    • Cameron and Robbie battled it out for 3rd spot having both been beaten by Achint and Bobby.
    • Robbie winning that match 3-0. Bobby and Achint progressed to semi-finals.
  • Group 2: Luke, Jack, Ellis and Ross
    • Another terrific match in group 2 between Luke and Jack started with Luke winning first two games 11-8 and 11-6.
    • However Jack responded really well and levelled the match at 2-2 winning 11-9 and 12-10.
    • Once again the match had some great rallies and play throughout.
    • Luke recovered well in the final game to beat Jack 11-7 and win the match 3-2 but another close encounter.
    • Ellis and Ross played for third place having both failed to beat Luke and Jack.
    • Ross started well against Ellis winning first game 12-10.
    • Ellis took control of the match and won next three games to win the match 3-1.
    • Luke and Jack progressed to semi-finals.

U18 Semi-Final

  • Bobby v Jack

Bobby served up a good match.Bobby took the first two games but Jack continued to fightback but it was not to be and Bobby edged the final game 12-10 to win 3-0.

  • Luke v Achint

Both semi-finals had the same outcome. This time Achint won first three games and always looked to have control of the match although at times it was very close, even at 3-0.

U18 Final

  • After the earlier match between Achint and Bobby everyone hoped the final would be as good.
  • Bobby started very well and Achint not so good, making a lot of unforced errors. Bobby’s wins 11-7,11-7.
  • Just when we thought this was going to be a straight games win for Bobby, Achint upped his game and won the 3rd game 12-10.
  • Would he fightback to level the match?
  • At times he looked as if he would but Bobby won at least 3 big rallies in 4th game and he regained his form to win final game 11-9.
  • Achint is very competitive and never gives up but Bobby just seemed to have control and remained very consistent throughout the match.
  • Congratulations to Bobby on his first win at U18 level which was well deserved.
  • Thanks to both players for their efforts.

Thanks on the day….

  • To Chris and Ashton for their support in organising the event. Also to Cameron and Ashton who stepped in to play doubles at short notice.
  • To Keith and Mark who helped setup hall before I arrived which was a great help.
  • To Dave,Mark and Scott for their assistance with umpiring.
  • Finally to all the players and parents for their support.The spirit among the players and the respect they show one another whether they win or lose is tremendous.

Tuesday Club Night – Butterfly Skills

  • Well done to Lucas, Jamie and Lewis who all passed Bronze Improver thanks to support from Jack, Thomas Gray and Gregor.
  • Thanks to Keith, Bobby, Luke, Ellis and Bruce for support on the night.

Friday Club Night

  • Many thanks to Brendan for organising Doubles and top table on Friday night.

And Finally

Thanks for your support



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