Club News – 23rd June 2019

Hi Everyone,

Parents Challenge Tuesday 18th June at AMC 7pm

  • Another great night on Tuesday night with some fun games.
  • Terrific turnout and good to see parents enjoying the session.
  • Thanks to Erin, Robbie, Gregor and Euan for organising the games.

Friday club night

  • Our last club night of season finished with League Ladder which was good fun.
  • Thanks to Brendan for organising the ladder.

Committee Meeting on 17th June at 7pm Murray Owen Centre.

  • Thanks to everyone who attended and supported the club meeting.
  • Good to see on going plans for the future discussed.

Mental Health Hub Programme includes TT

  • Thanks to Brendan and Robbie who were pleased with how the event turnout on the day.
  • The participants thoroughly enjoyed the experience and there may be an opportunity to support this group more later in the year.

Big Thanks

  • To Karen for bringing along gifts for the players on Friday that were much appreciated by all.
  • To everyone at the club for their support this year which has been tremendous.

Your Club offers you more than Table Tennis!

  • The club has been been transformed in 2018/9 and good foundations have been put in place to develop the club over the coming years.
  • We have always encouraged players to develop their game as Table Tennis players but also given them the option to improve their life skills.
  • This season these opportunities were taken up by players and as a result we now have coaches with great potential and a list of players with first aid skills.
  • We have a number of key people within the club working hard to improve various aspects of the club.
  • All we ask is that if you are given the opportunity to improve your life skills you remember to give something back to the club as a thank you.

Summer Break

  • We will return on Tuesday 13th August at AMC and Friday 16th August at JWSC.
  • Have a great break and take care.

Thanks for your support



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