Club News – 3rd November 2019

Hi Everyone,

WOS Senior League EKTTC 6 v 3 Brunswick E Friday 1st November 2019

  • Good team performance from EK to win against Brunswick E.
  • Bobby winning (3) Robbie (2) and Cameron (1). While Bobby and Robbie have been consistently winning this was Cameron’s first win.
  • Delighted for all the players good to see us back to winning form.
  • This week EKTTC will be at home to Brunswick F.

October Young Player and Player of the MonthBruce

  • This month’s Player of the month was Bruce.
  • Bruce trains 3 times a week and recently attended two events namely Edinburgh Assessment and Edinburgh Banded.
  • Both a challenge for Bruce as he had not played at this level before and he did very well.
  • The great progress he has made since the start of the season has also impressed the coaches.
  • Young player of the month will be announced at Tuesday club night this week.

Tuesday Club Night

  • Thanks to Keith, Robbie, Euan and Thomas for support on Tuesday night.
  • Delighted with Thomas and Ross recently providing great support and feedback to younger players.

Friday Club Night

  • Thanks to Chris for organising 3rd and 5th ball attack session.
  • Appreciate support from Bill, Keith, Chris, Erin, Jennie and Luke.


  • A warm welcome to new member Kyle who attended the club for first time on Friday and enjoyed the session.

Duncanrig HS on Wednesday 30th October 2-3pm

  • Thanks to Euan for his assistance in teaching a small number of pupils at Duncanrig HS on basic rules rules of game.

SLLC Sporting Memories

  • Brendan will go along and support SLLC sporting memories group with table tennis on Tuesday 5th November.
  • Brendan & Robbie supported the mental health group back in the summer and this is a follow up to that session.

Butterfly Skills 

  • Well done to Kieran and Kyle who completed Butterfly Skills Improver Bronze on Friday night.
  • Thanks to Luke for support with both players.

TT Equipment Bats or Balls

Club Kitsquadra-lightblue-navy

  • Want this Joola club shirt?
  • Club kit is £30.00 for shirt and shorts.
  • Great Value.

Club Fees

  • Please remember to pay club fees direct to club account.

Thanks for your support



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