Club News – 17th November 2019

Hi Everyone,

WOS Senior League EKTTC 3 v 6 South Ayrshire C Friday 15th November 2019

  • EK lost out against South Ayrshire C. Bobby winning (2) Robbie(1) and Achint (0).
  • Close match between the two teams but well done to Ayrshire lads.
  • Bobby has won 8 out of 9 matches so far and having just returned from injury did very well.
  • Robbie also play his part and maybe unlucky not to have won another match.
  • Achint played well last week but unfortunately he never matched that performance this week.
  • This coming week we play Dunlop TTC at home.

Tuesday Club Night – Butterfly Skills

  • Delighted to see Ethan Frame complete Bronze and Silver improver – great support from Thomas.
  • Thanks to Keith, Euan, Robbie and Ross for support on Tuesday night.

Friday Club Night

  • Good session on multiball and Butterfly skills, appreciate support from Brendan, Bill, Keith, Jennie, Ross and Thomas.

TT Equipment Bats or Balls

Club Kitsquadra-lightblue-navy

  • Like this shirt?
  • Need a replacement or a spare?
  • Club kit is £30.00 for shirt and shorts.
  • Great Value.

Club Fees

  • Please remember to pay club fees direct to club account.

Finally – Awesome shot !!!!

Thanks for your support



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