Club News – 8th June 2020

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all safe and well.

Tuesday Challenge June 2nd – Stephen Gertsen Live on Skype – Tactical Awareness

  • Delighted with the workshop Stephen presented on Tactical Awareness.
  • Our players and coaches do not have access to someone of Stephen’s experience on a regular basis and its best that we make the most of the opportunities when they come along.
  • Both workshops have been useful and of benefit to the club.

Tuesday Challenge June 9th – EKTTC Coaches Q&A Live on Skype 7pm

  • This Tuesday we plan to have a Q&A with club coaches.
  • A good opportunity for everyone to put their thoughts, ideas, suggestions or just ask general questions of the coaches on the club future or sport and we will do our best to respond.
  • When on Skype we need everyone to put there mic on mute when we start the challenge and would like to encourage you to comment through chat option.
  • See this link on how modify your settings.

Committee Meeting Monday June 1st

  • Many thanks to those who attend our Committee meeting last Monday.

Club Fees

  • Thanks to members who are still paying club fees – it is much appreciated.

Finally Ma Long v Tomokazu Harimoto – highlights of 3 x classic matches

Thanks for your support



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