Return to theClub Blog- Multiball Training!

Multiball is a training system that we use to improve players at all levels. The coach, or other player, uses a bucket of balls to serve a rapid succession of balls and a player has to play a series of predetermined return shots. The supervising coach can identify problem areas or reinforce the parts of the players shot making that is going well. A table tennis robot can also be used as a multiball feed and both these methods are used at our club.

Players who are learners concentrate on improving stroke techniques and consistency while more advanced players work on improving spin, speed and footwork.

The coach can run video sequences of the training session and show them during a chat with each player to show progress being made as well as areas for improvement.

There is lots of videos showing table tennis multiball sessions on youtube and in particular the ETTA coaches video is a great example of a coach working with players during multiball training. We encourage members to keep watching, shadowing and we look forward to putting you through your paces once again soon.

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