Return to the Club Blog- QnA with Club Captain Luke!

Luke Jackson has been a member of the club for over six years now and was voted into the role of club captain back in 2018. Luke has progressed and played all the way up to division one of the West of Scotland Junior League and has completed two seasons in our senior league squad. Many club tournament wins at various age groups, in addition to his positive attitude and personality make him a highly respected player and role model within the club. With it being the school holidays we were fortunate to have Luke answer a few burning questions of ours for this week’s blog.

How did you get involved with the club & why?

I first became interested in table tennis while playing it abroad with my family; however I wasn’t good at all. I hated (and still do) hate losing so I was determined to become better than my dad. When I came back home I went to training with my brother who had already been going to the club for a while. From the minute I started I have loved every moment!

What is your favourite thing about Table Tennis?

I love the social aspect of table tennis; everyone gets on with everyone regardless of their ability. You always have a number of people backing your corner during competitive matches as well.

What Junior or Senior League match have you enjoyed the most?

I couldn’t pick one specifically however the entirety of my first senior league was very beneficial as I seemed to learn a lot from older and more experienced players. After my matches my opponents were always willing to help me learn and improve.

Has your involvement in other sports helped with your Table Tennis (& vice versa)?

Yes. After playing football for several years I believe my confidence has risen and I can be very vocal in the table tennis hall. I would also say table tennis has helped me understand that many sports require a lot of strategy and tactics.

As Captain, what advice would you give to younger & newer players at the club?

Perseverance is so important when learning how to play table tennis. You mustn’t give up if you are unable to hit the ball or play a certain shot. Everyone has their own ability so don’t compare yours to everyone else’s. 

What are you most looking forward to getting back to when then club returns?

I can’t wait to see everyone at the club. There are loads of people I only get the chance to see when at training and matches it will be nice to speak to them. I am also eager to get back into senior league although I will need to learn how to play table tennis again it has been that long!

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