Club News – 9th May 2021

Hi Everyone,

Introduction to UKCC Award
– Well done to Keith, Bobby, Thomas, Bruce and Ellis on completion of Introduction to UKCC Award online course.
– The course was presented and redesigned by Stephen Gertsen our National Coach.
– Delighted for the players who have been great throughout all our Coaching sessions. Many thanks to Stephen and Chris for their support.

Another successful funding application!
– Delighted to announce and thanks to Brendan Faulds we have been successful with another funding application and received an award of £750 from the Arnold Clark Community Fund

Pop in & Play
– We have restarted talks this week with managers at EK Town Centre to identify a new unit for Pop in & Play.
– The talks went very positively and we were encouraged by plans outlined by the managers and look forward to further discussions.

Club Link Up
– The club have setup a link with East Lothian TT Club which is located in Haddington E.Lothian.
– The link was setup with the help of Stephen Gertsen.
– I have made contact with Peter Lugton at the club and hope to speak online soon.

Club Committee – Get ready
– Having had contact with JWSC this week we look forward to reviewing our plans to restart table tennis soon.
– Given the encouraging signs of restrictions easing we hope we can all return to some form of TT going forward.

Thanks for your support


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