Club News – 29th August 2021

Hi Everyone,

Friday Club Night
– Another great turnout on Friday night with two new members coming along to give the game a try.
– Although we have lost a number of club players since our return we welcome the increasing number of new members who have joined up.
– If you know of any women or young girls who would like to try our sport let me know.
– I will be away for the next few weeks on holiday and will see you on my return.

Club Fees
– At present just the one club night so if I could ask you to start/resume payment of club fees.
– Many thanks to those who have already made a payment.
– Any problems let me know.

Tom Lodziak – Return of Serves
How to return serves with a touch shot
How to confuse your opponent when returning serves

Bribar Table Tennis
– I’m an agent for Bribar Table Tennis who supply an extensive range of TT equipment and clothing etc. See catalogue here.
– Let me know if you would like to place an order.

Finally – a trick shot
Behind the back shot by Liam Ptchford

Thanks for your support


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