Club news – 3rd October 2021

Hi Everyone,

Friday Club Night @ JWSC
– Very busy club night with a warm welcome to new members Malcolm, Jerry and Alex enjoying their first night at the club.
– Great to see the hall busy and all the tables full and everyone enjoying the table tennis.

Tuesday Club night @ AMC
– Part of the floor at Alistair McCoist Complex is in need of repair which is causing a delay in the centre opening up again.
– Hopefully we will receive a date in coming week when we can restart.

Weekly Training Session
– Weekly Training Session 1: here
– Weekly Training Session 2: here

Club Fees
– Just a reminder to a few members to pay club fees.
– If you could check standing orders have been processed correctly that would be much appreciated.
– Any problems let me know.

Club Kit
– We have two club shirts and shorts in limited sizes (mainly junior).
– If your interested let me know.
– Shirts (£15.00) Shirts and shorts (£30.00).

Club Trophies
– If you have a club shield from either EK Shield or EK Open, please return this when it is convenient.

Bribar Table Tennis
– I’m an agent for Bribar Table Tennis who supply an extensive range of TT equipment and clothing etc.
– Please speak to one of the coaches if you plan to buy (bats etc) as we can advise what is best option.
– We also have a range of trial bats for all levels which we will let you try before you decide to buy.
– Bribar Catalogue here

Ever played TT outside in the dark?!!!
Watch this and this!!

Thanks for your support


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