Club News – 17th Oct 2021

Hi everyone,

Friday Club Night
– Some players at the club are beginning to show signs that after a couple months of practice it feels like they have never been away.
– While for others frustration can creep in because one particular stroke is not working correctly or our decision making is not what it was in the past.
– We just need to be patient and continue work on what’s going well.
– We can take our negatives or weakness one at a time and work through them.
– The coaches are always available for support.
– We welcomed a new member Paulina and we say goodbye and thanks to younger member Mark Hamilton who gave TT a try but sadly it’s not for him.
– Many thanks to Rae Jack (Inverness TTC) who was in the area visiting and popped in to enjoy our club night.

– To Brendan, Euan and Robbie for their support on Friday night.

Weekly Training Session 5
– Video here

Club Committee Meeting Monday 18th October 8pm
– The club committee meeting will be held on Zoom details to be provided.
– If you would like to join us or are interested in what we do please get in touch.

Bribar Table Tennis
– I’m an agent for Bribar Table Tennis who supply an extensive range of TT equipment and clothing etc.
– If you would like to try one of trial bats let me know.
– Catalogue here

Finally – Amazing Skills from TT Kids
– Video 1 here
– Video 2 here

Thanks for your support


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