Club News – 3rd Jul 2022

Hi everyone,

Friday Club Night
– Thanks to everyone who joined our club night on Friday.
– Really pleased how young Marlee is making progress at our club.
– Keith has been been encouraging her to improve her skills and she is trying to do so each week.
– Thanks to Tommy Mc, Keith and Lucy for their support.

East Kilbride Youth Disability Sports Club
– Enjoyed the first of two sessions with EKYDSC on Saturday 2 July at JWSC.
– What a great turnout for nearly 2 hours of table tennis.
– The group and their helpers made it easier for me to setup the challenges.
– It is always a unique experience working with this group as they are always keen to learn and very competitive with fun at the heart of everything they do.

– Forehand technique videos:
Video 1
Video 2
– Thanks to Hans and Robbie for sharing both links above.

Thanks for your support


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