Club News – 24th Jul 2022

Hi Everyone,

Friday Club Night

  • Good session on Friday night.
  • Thanks to everyone for their assistance in setting up and taking down equipment.
  • Great spirit at the club at the moment with players all helping out one another to improve each others game.
  • Welcome to Mark and Calum who joined us on Friday for their first club night.
  • Thanks to Tommy McGrotty and Robbie for their support.

East Kilbride Youth Disability Sports Club

  • The club had another enjoyable session with EKYDSC on Saturday 23rd July at JWSC 12-2pm.
  • The group like nothing more than a challenge with a bit of competition.
  • I set up two challenges 1) target and 2) a cricket challenge between two teams with both teams so determined to win
  • When this group get into that situation they are very competitive and so focused on winning the points to win the game. 


  • This is worth watching if you have trouble returning serves  – see video here

Thanks for your support


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