Club News – 27th Nov 2022

Sorry for the delayed post…

Hi Everyone,

Friday Night
– Good session on Friday night (25th Nov).
– Thanks to Bill and Keith for their support.
– From Friday 2nd December we will reduce the size of the hall we use at JWSC by half.

North Ayrshire Open Sunday 27th November
– Thomas Nevin went along to his first table tennis competition today.
– It’s a big step for any young player and I thought Thomas did very well.
– In a group of 4, he won his first match and narrowly lost out on the next two matches.
– He competed very well in both the matches he lost and to be honest they could have gone either way.
– I suggested he just enter one event at this time and unfortunately that meant he had no further matches.
– However he will have learnt so much from today and will be keen to get practicing for his next competition.

Bribar Table Tennis
– See catalogue here
– If you need any table tennis equipment let me know.

– 3 reasons why your forehand topspins go into net – see video here
– 4 simple serves for beginners – see video here
– Table tennis footwork for beginners – see video here

Thanks for your support


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