Club News 23rd April 2023

🏓Friday Club Night 🏓
– A very busy session on Friday night.
– The seniors worked on forehand and backhand blocking drills.
– Debra and Lynn continued their work on Butterfly Skills.
– The juniors had a mix of singles, doubles and team games.
– Welcome to young Toby and welcome back to Ryan Gormley.
– Delighted to see no use of mobile phones during our session, hopefully we can continue to repeat this going forward. Thanks for your cooperation.
– Many thanks to Brendan, Euan, Bill and Keith for their support.🙏

WOS Senior League
– Thanks to everyone who put their names forward for our WOS Senior League squad.
– I have notified WOS League of our interest in entering two teams.
– The league takes place between September and March next year and we hope to update you in August with further information.
– Plan is to have training sessions before the league starts.
– We will keep you posted on future developments.

Pop In & Play
– A quieter week in terms of numbers attending but still delighted with the response we’ve had since we opened four weeks ago.
– Great to see familiar faces coming back on a regular basis.
– Some people pop in at lunchtime and now make it part of their routine.
– Looking for more volunteers to help us develop the venue going forward.
– Many thanks to those who have already joined us: John, Jim and Lynn.🙌

Forehand Blocking
Backhand Blocking

Bribar Table Tennis
– Catalogue here
– If you need any table tennis equipment let me know.

Thanks for your support


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