Ladder Competition – 11th May

Well, another exciting Competition Night in East Kilbride!

With a combination last time of Diarmid & Thomas promoted from Ladder B, Robbie & Cameron relegated from Ladder A and several no-shows tonight, we decided to consolidate to one Ladder for tonight’s competition. This meant more in the ladder, but also a need to relegate 4 back to Ladder B at the end of the night. A lot to play for! So here’s how it started and finished:

20180511-Ladder A-Starting Positions
Starting Positions 11th May 2018
20180511-Ladder A-Ending Positions
Ending Positions 11th May 2018


All of which means that below is where we start on both Ladders next time round:

20180511-Ladder A-Next Starting Positions
Ladder A – Starting Position for June 2018
20180511-Ladder B-Next Starting Positions
Ladder B – Starting Position for June 2018

This is creating a strong competitive element in the club and generated more interest in our East Kilbride Open competition. Our aim is to stimulate this further so that, as a club, we have a much stronger competitive edge when it comes to next year’s West of Scotland Junior League and Challenge matches.

Our next Ladder Competition night will be in June before we break for the summer.

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