Club News – 30th September 2018

Hi Everyone,

People’s Project 2019

  • Many thanks to Ewan McCormick for his advice and expertise in putting together this small video which can be found on our club website this week.
  • Also to Brendan for his participation and commitment in delivering this application to People’s Project 2019 in such a short timescale.
  • If you could share this with family and friends.
  • If (WHEN) we make the shortlist we will need everyone associated with the club to play their part in voting and with social media updates. 🙂

Friday club night

  • This week we had the return of the league ladder. Thanks to Brendan for organising the session.
  • Well done to all players.
  • For league ladder results visit:
  • This coming Friday, Euan will look to improve serves.
  • This session will be in a newly refurbished JWSC Hall 3 from 7:30pm.

Intro TT course

  • This course will now take place at Duncanrig HS on Monday 19th November at 9:00am (in service day) for 25 pupils at local schools.

EKTTC Calendar

Hamilton Grammar

  • Euan McLaughlin plans to visit Hamilton Grammar this week to see how things are progressing since the school started up an after school club.

Be inspired by Harimoto Tomokazu

Bribar Table Tennis

  • Let me know if you would like to purchase TT equipment from Bribar or if you need advice just ask.
  • Club kit – shirt and shorts cost ÂŁ30.00 available in many sizes.
  • Do you have suitable footwear for TT?
  • Do you need new rubbers?
  • Catalogue available at:


  • To Brendan for league ladder on Friday night.
  • To Chris, Euan and Robbie Maitland for support on Tuesday night.
  • To Chris, Euan,Jennie and Bill for support on Friday night

Thanks for your support



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