Club News – 7th October 2018


  • A warm welcome to Lauren Sweeney and Gregor Stewart who have become new members at our club and soon to be part of our growing coaching team.

Friday club night

  • Good session from Euan on serves.
  • Players need to look to improve this area of their game and listen to advice provided by Euan.
  • This coming Friday – Robbie and Chris set out to improve F/H and B/H drives and pushes.
  • This session will be in a newly refurbished JWSC Hall 3 from 700pm -promise this time🙂

Tuesday Club Night

  • Delighted that Erin Shepherd joined our session to focus on coaching, hopefully we will have Erin’s support over coming weeks.
  • Also a thanks to Conor Flanagan who was presented with a club award to recognise his contribution to the club over the past two seasons.  
  • Please see email below received from Alistair McCoist Complex this week:

“We have had several complaints at the Alistair McCoist Complex regarding people parking in the disabled bays without displaying a blue badge.
We will have a member of staff patrolling the car park for the next few weeks but are looking for your assistance in reminding your teams/parents that these spaces should only be used by blue badge holders.
We have several groups that use the centre and rely on the additional space bays to get out of their cars.”


  • “You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you”.
  • Our club coaches have been inspired by someone who gave up their time to coach them in a sport. 

Club Captain

  • We are looking for nominations for Club Captain.
  • Anyone can nominate.
  • Thanks to Euan for his support in that role in the past year or so.
  • Once we have all the nominees we will have a vote by club players.
  • Nominees names required by Sunday 21st October 2018.

EKTTC Calendar

Bribar Table Tennis

  • Let Peter know if you would like to purchase TT equipment from Bribar or if you need advice just ask.
  • Club kit – shirt and shorts cost £30.00 available in many sizes. Do you have suitable footwear for TT ?  Do you need new rubbers?
  • Product catalogue here:

Tom Lodiak – how to improve returning serves- watch and learn


  • To Euan for session on serves on Friday night.
  • To Robbie Maitland and Erin for support on Tuesday night.
  • To Brendan, Chris, Euan, Jennie and Bill for support on Friday night.

Thanks for your support



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