Club News – 16th June 2019

Hi Everyone
Parents Challenge Tuesday 18th June at AMC 7pm
  • An opportunity not to be missed.
  • Come and try out those hidden TT skills and have a bit of fun at same time 🙂
  • Bring your parents, grannies or grandads as long as their not older than Bill!!!
  • Come along on Tuesday 18th June AMC to meet the challenge.
Tuesday club night
  • Thanks to Keith, Robbie and Erin for support on the night.
  • Welcome to Aria Mann who came along to give table tennis a try for the first time aged 6 and she did very well.
Friday club night
  • Thanks to all players and parents who enjoyed a fun as well as a very competitive night.
  • Good to see Justin back at the club showing his skills.
Committee Meeting on 17th June at 7pm Murray Owen Centre.
  • All welcome.
Mental Health Hub Programme (SLLC)
  • Good Luck to Brendan and Robbie who are supporting a table tennis session for adults organised by SLLC
  • The session will be held at East Kilbride Sports Club, Calderglen Country Park on Tuesday 18th June 12-2pm.
Club Kit Shirts
  • Two club shirts available to order let me know what size and I will get one to you


  • I may even have your size.
  • Cost £15.00.
  • I also have shorts to match in many sizes.

Summer Break

  • The club will stop for summer break at AMC on Tuesday 18th June and Friday 21st June at JWSC.
  • We will return on Tuesday 13th August at AMC and Friday 16th at JWSC.

Thanks for your support



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