Club News – 1st September 2019

Hi everyone,

Club Visit – Stephen Gertsen

  • Delighted that Stephen Gertsen has agreed to visit the club on Friday 6th September 2019.
  • Start will be 7pm prompt.
  • All players and coaches always look forward to this club night.
  • Let’s be prepared and ready to make the most of it please.

WOS Senior League Duncanrig HS

  • Squad – Luke, Bobby, Robbie McKenzie, Cameron and Ellis.
  • Team Coach will be Euan McLaughlin.
  • The first match will against Joe Wilson B w/c 16th September

WOS Junior League

  • We have been looking for players to confirm their availability and interest in competing in WOS Junior League.
  • Achint, Thomas, Bruce, Diarmid, John, Lewis and Ayaan have shown an interest.
  • Please let me know as soon as possible.

Post News Note: A decision was made at the EKTTC Coach Development meeting on this subject. This will be communicated separately to those involved.

Club Coaches Meeting

  • Murray Owen Centre, Liddell Grove, East Kilbride
  • Date/Time: Monday 2nd Sep 2019 at 7pm.

TT Equipment, Bats or Balls

Club Fees

  • Please remember to pay club fees direct to club account.


  • To Erin, Euan and Keith for support on Tuesday night.
  • To Bill, Keith, Euan and Jennie for support at Friday club night

Thanks for your support



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