Club News – 8th September 2019

Hi Everyone,

Stephen Gertsen club night

  • Stephen Gertsen delivered another great session on Friday.
  • Delighted with the players and club coaches response on the night.
  • Probably one of the best sessions to date.

WOS Junior League

  • We have decided to have a break from the league this season and look to explore other options.
  • Anyone interested in trying the event below let me know.
  • We would like to encourage and help support players who plan to attend.

Under 13s and U18s Assessment – Bathgate Academy

  • This tournament is suitable for all players under 18.
  • Everyone will get lots of games and find their level throughout the day.
  • Whether it is your first tournament or you are a regular, this is the tournament for you!
  • Details from TTS here!

Welcome New Member

  • Delighted to welcome Kieran Gilchrist to our club.
  • Kieran started on Friday night – great choice wee man.

Coaches Meeting – Murray Owen Centre 7pm Monday 2nd September 2019

  • Many thanks to all coaches who attended, in particular Chris who planned and organised.
  • Once again coaches give of their time to support our club and plan ahead for new season.

Player of the Month

  • The club have decided to introduce a player of the month and a young player of the month this season.
  • When does it start? This month!
  • The winners will receive a trophy for a month.
  • When they return the trophy they will present it to the winner the following month.

St.Andrews & St.Brides After School Club

  • Thanks to Erin for organising and setting up on Tuesday a TT after school club.
  • The first time that we’ve had a club supported at the school so well done to Erin and good luck.

Duncanrig HS

  • Thanks to Bobby Gray who has agreed to represent the club at Duncanrig HS school sports fayre on Tuesday 24th September.

TT Equipment Bats or Balls

Club Fees

  • Please remember to pay club fees direct to club account.


  • To Erin, Euan, Robbie, Thomas and Keith for support on Tuesday night.
  • To Bill, Brendan, Euan, Chris, Keith and Jennie for support at Friday club night.

Thanks for your support



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