Club News – 4th May 2020

Hi Everyone,

We hope you continue to stay safe and well!

Tuesday Challenge April 27th – EKTTC Quiz

  • Many thanks to those who participated in the Quiz night last week.
  • All 6 teams enjoyed and had fun on the night – I think 🙂
  • Well done to team Albatross, our worthy winners in a challenging quiz.
  • It was great to see everyone online and good to know all were safe and well.

Tuesday Challenge May 5th – Butterfly Skills 7pm LIVE on Skype

  • This week Thomas Gray and his mum Pauline have accepted the challenge.
  • Thomas will coach his mum through the Butterfly Skills Bronze Improver Level.
  • We look forward to them completing a successful challenge.
  • I will sent a Skype link out before 7pm on Tuesday.
  • Please support.
  • When on Skype we need everyone to put there mic on mute when we start the challenge and would like to encourage you to comment through chat option.
  • See this link on how modify your settings.

EKTTC Virtual Rally

  • We are looking to create a club virtual rally on video and we need your help !!!
  • Chris has put together a small clip as an example of what you could do to support you can view it as a pinned post on our Facebook page.
  • All you need to do is record a video clip (on any device) and send it to my email.
  • Chris has agreed to do the rest once he has all the clips.
  • Thanks to those who have contributed so far.
  • If we could have your clips by Friday 8th May that would be great.

Summer Break – Hypothetical Question

  • As a club we would normally stop during the summer for a break between mid – June and August.
  • However given the circumstance and obviously depending on when we will be given the go ahead to return.
  • Would you given the option prefer to:
    • A – Return as soon as possible and continue through summer months?
    • B – Return and restart in August?


and lastly, to all the Star Wars fans out there – May the Fourth be with you 😉

Thanks for your support



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