Club News – 10th May 2020

Hi again everyone,

Tuesday Challenge May 5th – Butterfly Skills – 7pm LIVE on Skype

  • Many thanks to Thomas and his mum Pauline for completing the challenge on Tuesday night.
  • I think both really enjoyed the challenge as much as we enjoyed watching it.
  • We also appreciate the effort made by the family to make this a successful challenge.

Tuesday Challenge May 12th – Stephen Gertsen – 7pm LIVE on Skype

  • We are delighted that Stephen Gertsen has agreed to join us on Tuesday night.
  • He will talk on specific areas of Sport Psychology – Concentration/Focus in relation to TT.
  • This will be followed by a Q&A session.
  • Anyone who has attended Stephen’s club night sessions will know how varied and interesting they can be and this will be no different.
  • Whether you are a coach, senior player or beginner there will be something of interest for you in this talk.
  • Looking forward to it.
  • I will send a Skype link out before 7pm on Tuesday.
  • Please support it if you can.
  • When on Skype we need everyone to put there mic on mute when we start the challenge and would like to encourage you to comment through chat option.
  • See this link on how modify your settings.

EKTTC Virtual Rally

  • We were delighted with the response to our request for video clips for our club virtual rally.
  • A big thanks to those who participated.
  • Chris is putting together the final touches to the video and will send it out as soon as it’s good to go.
  • Will it receive a future Oscar nomination next time – nae pressure Chris 😀

Summer Break – Our Hypothetical Question to you – RESULT!

  • As a club we would normally stop during the summer for a break between mid – June and August.
  • However given the circumstance and obviously depending on when we will be given the go ahead to return.
  • Would you given the option prefer to :-
    • A – Return as soon as possible and continue through summer months?
    • B – Return and restart in August?

Answer – The consensus from those who responded was A – Return as soon as possible.

Finally – Japanese Wonderkid Tomokazu Harimoto

Who’s EKTTC’s wonderkid ? 😉

Thanks for your support



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