Club News – 17th May 2020

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all safe and well.

Tuesday Challenge May 12th – Stephen Gertsen – Sports Psychology, Confidence/ Concentration

  • Thanks to Stephen Gertsen who joined us on Tuesday night.
  • I hope you found it worthwhile.
  • We were delighted with the response.
  • Hoping to have another session on Skype with Stephen next month on a different subject.
  • Looking forward to that.

Tuesday Challenge May 19th – WOS Senior League Review 7pm LIVE on Skype

  • We have decided this week to have a review with the senior league squad players.
  • We will look back on highlights and lowlights of last season.
  • Hopefully as many players as possible can attend.
  • I will send a Skype link out before 7pm on Tuesday.
  • When on Skype we need everyone to put there mic on mute when we start the challenge and would like to encourage you to comment through chat option.
  • See this link on how modify your settings.

EKTTC Virtual Rally

  • We were delighted with the response to our request for video clips for our club virtual rally.
  • A big thanks to those who participated.
  • Chris has produced a great club video which I’m sure you will all enjoy.
  • Video clip of EKTTC virtual rally


Take care



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