Club News – 24th May 2020

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all safe and well.

Tuesday May 19th – WOS Senior League Review

  • Thanks to all the players and coaches who attended our virtual chat to review season past.
  • Delighted with the response.
  • Euan couldn’t have summed up the season better in his report.
  • We are very grateful to Euan, players and parents for their contribution this season.

Tuesday Challenge May 26th – Butterfly Skills Silver Improver – Robbie MacKenzie Live on Skype 7pm

  • Robbie will coach his dad Scott on completing Butterfly Skills Silver Improver Level on Tuesday night.
  • Scott having already completed Butterfly Skills Bronze Improver Level under the guidance of tough coach Robbie.
  • We look forward to a very entertaining challenge for both.I will send a Skype link out before 7pm on Tuesday.
  • When on Skype we need everyone to put there mic on mute when we start the challenge and would like to encourage you to comment through chat option.
  • See this link on how modify your settings.

Tuesday Challenge June 2nd – Stephen Gertsen 7pm Live on Skype 7pm – Tactical Awareness

  • We are delighted Stephen will join us again with a presentation on Tactical Awareness – looking forward to it .

Committee Meeting Monday June 1st

  • Chris will send out a Skype link to invite those who wish to attend.

And Finally….

  • Paul Drinkall Q&A
  • Always interesting to listen to top players in our sport and in this country they don’t come much bigger than Paul Drinkall.
  • See video here

Para Class 7-10 Final

Thanks for your support



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