Getting Back to the Club Blog- Coaches Forum/Group

Ever wondered why we do certain activities and work on particular skills on club nights? Well despite perhaps looking like we make it up on the spot it is the product of short and long term planning of our coaching group! The group was formed roughly 2 years ago when the club was working with UWS to offer student placements that we had to manage, in addition to supporting our other coaches with qualifications such as UKCC.

The group originally meet four times a year where we would set out overarching objectives for the coming months, in addition to outlining what themes each Friday night session would take (such as movement, multi ball, serves etc). Working in this way has allowed for each coach to get opportunities leading sessions and making sure we are offering a well-balanced programme to develop each part of a player’s game across the year. Some examples of wider implementations of the group include: introduction of the ladder nights, player of the month award, mini sessions on topics such as sport nutrition, and regular video analysis.

In more recent times, the coaching group led to our weekly lockdown sessions across April/May (quiz, virtual rally, Stephen Gertson workshops, and parent’s challenge). Currently the group are meeting weekly to work on our return to sport plans and getting us safely back ASAP. Moving forward we look forward to working with new volunteers and leaders who have registered for pop in and play, in addition to helping develop new coaches and increasing our representation in the West of Scotland Senior League.

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