Club News – 11th September 2020

Hi everyone,


  • Many thanks to our club members who have continued to pay club fees despite not knowing when we would return.
  • We are very grateful for this support and would understand if you change your mind at this time.


  • At the moment we have had no further updates from JWSC on when we are likely to return to the facility.
  • While other clubs admittedly some with their own premises and others in schools are up and running in some capacity.
  • We still await confirmation from South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture on dates we can plan ahead for in the first instance.
  • On our return we think given the guidelines our set up will be similar to those in links below.

Club Coaches

  • On a positive note the club coaches have been meeting on a weekly basis to discuss the guidelines and plan for our return.
  • We do face challenges in implementing the guidelines as does every other club and facility but we will get there.
  • Delighted we have put in place as requested by Table Tennis Scotland two Covid Officers Fergus and Keith to ensure that we have everything in place.
  • At the moment we have recovery plans, risk assessment templates and have purchased the necessary equipment to ensure we have a safe return when the time comes.

School links

  • We are hoping in the coming weeks to provide club videos for our local schools to help promote the sport and our club.
  • Robbie and Luke have agreed to help in putting together the videos which we hope will help encourage school pupils to take up the sport.

Club Social Media

First Aid

  • Brendan and I completed our refresher first aid courses online last Saturday.
  • While Chris and Robbie will update their certificates on 19th September.


Thanks for your support


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