Return to the Club Blog- EKTTC in the Community!

As part of our clubs development plan, under our vision is a purpose to increase table tennis participation at all levels across all demographics of our community. Although the club has a heritage of over 40 years as a local sports club attracting youth players from East Kilbride and the surrounding area, in more recent years we have grown to support new and exciting opportunities throughout the community.

The club works closely with South Lanarkshire Leisure & Culture (SLLC), which as part of this relationship the club has reviewed and updated its structure and has achieved bronze level status within SLLC’s ‘Club SL’ programme. We are also a long time affiliate member of East Kilbride Sports Council, as well as an active member of the local community sport hub.

Through the hub we have delivered sessions at many community events alongside other local clubs. Furthermore we have been part of programmes working with Scottish Sporting memories and mental health referral groups. More recently the sport hub has been helping our plans for pop in play, in addition to supporting the club to identify and engage with new demographics. Over the years we have also been fortunate to develop many school links, with a couple still going strong when things unfortunately had to stop earlier in the year.

The club are very proud to have a long standing relationship with East Kilbride Youth Disability Sport Club, whom we have provided sessions with for many years. These sessions are always great fun and many of our players really enjoy coaching and helping out, giving them highly valuable experiences.

As part of our planning and active committee, we are always looking ahead to new opportunities. Our ambition is still to continue growing and explore satellite avenues across South Lanarkshire where possible, whether this is a new branch of the club or through the pop in & play concept.

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