Club News – 25th October 2020

Hi everyone,

EKTTC Session 2 Tuesday 20th October – Stephen Gersten QnA
– Delighted with how our QnA went with Stephen Gertsen on Tuesday night.
– Fascinating insight into how Stephen’s career has developed and how he has continued from the age of 8 to love all aspects of the game.
– Next EKTTC Session 3 will be on Tuesday 3rd November 2020.
– Thanks to Chris for his support.

Stephen G in action

Committee Meeting
– Thanks to everyone who attended our committee meeting on Thursday night.

Pop in and Play
– Unfortunately the unit allocated for our Pop in and Play in EK town centre has been assigned to a retailer.
– However we’re hopeful we will be allocated a new unit in the near future. We are keen to get this up and running now more than ever 🙂

Best Table Tennis Points Ever (Insane Skills) – Amazing
– When I watched these clips I found myself laughing at the incredible skill level which I agree is insane !!!!

Thanks for your support


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