Return to the Club Blog- Player of the Month

At the club, we welcome & support players to identify and work towards their own goals or purpose within the sport. For many this is to develop, compete and become the best player they can. For others it is about playing socially, having fun and making friends. One thing we try and encourage is no matter the goal, we are all committed to creating a positive club environment and ethos.

To bring this idea into something more tangible, we introduced a player of the month award back in 2019. This was off the back of one of our coaching group meetings where we outlined the criteria for the award to be:

  • Most improved player
  • Results achieved where applicable
  • Concentration & Work Rate
  • Support for other players development at the club (e.g. providing a feed, leading warm ups, generally leading by example)

Each month we look to award a player of the month, and a young player of the month. To make a decision, each coach would make a nomination based on the criteria, before talking through and deciding on the strongest nomination or on a vote.

Player/young player of the month are awarded a small trophy to keep for the month, as well as a sleeve of balls, with all award winners being noted on club news and social media channels.

We have been really pleased with the range of players who have won the award and the reasons for it. No doubt the first month after we are able to return is going to be extremely well contested!

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