Return to the Club Blog- Video Analysis

In recent years the club has been implementing elements of video analysis into our training and club nights. This started off a few years ago when we were approached by students of the University of the West of Scotland to run a series of video analysis exercises as a project for their studies. This was a mutually beneficial exercise that included our now club captain, Luke Jackson, kindly giving time to be the focus player within the project (pictures above).

Of course performance and video analysis are becoming more and more prominent in professional sport. Unfortunately we do not have the time or resource to provide the same time and dedicated approach as Luke got with the student project, but we have managed to take parts of the process that we feel makes a positive impact to the payers at the club in a manageable fashion.

Key to the process is our goals remain the same. We set drills & exercises and allow players to go and work on them; our coaches will then observe and consider elements of improvement or feedback. If we feel we need a better look, we can then film at that particular moment, or we can film a couple of minutes just to help engage the players in the coaching points. On any given night we can use this often, or not at all, key point is that it is used at coaches’ discretion when it adds value.

From our experience players embrace the opportunity to watch footage back and often identify for themselves areas to work on in their game. Furthermore, simple features such as annotations and slowing footage down can really enhance particular coaching points. We expect the analysis will be used more when we return as we will all be a bit rusty!

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