Club News – 22nd November 2020

Hi Everyone,

EKTTC Session 4 Tuesday 17th November 2020

– Thanks to Bruce Roberts for joining us last Tuesday night.
– We feel the EKTTC sessions are of value.
– However we would like to hear from you if you think otherwise.
– We realise this timing or night might not suit everyone but only two people have made us aware this to be the case.
– Having little other opportunity to engage with the players we feel there are areas of the sport that we can discuss.
– The sessions are only once a fortnight and last a maximum of 40 mins.
– Please support them if you can.
– Looking forward to another EKTTC session with club players on Tuesday 1st December from 7pm.
– Topic next week will be on Third, Fourth and Fifth ball attack and what can we learn from watching video’s of the games involving our top player’s.
– We will send out a Zoom link next Monday.

Hugo Calderano
– Yes Brazilians are good at football but this Brazilian Hugo Calderano is awesome at TT.
– Watch how low he starts with his ready position you can just see his eyes above the table!!!.
– Shot of the day -Hugo Calderano –
– Ma Long vs Hugo Calderano –

Thanks for your support,


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