Return to the Club Blog- Parent Challenge

The Parent Challenge is held twice a year on the last Tuesday and Friday club nights before Xmas and summer holiday breaks. They are fun sessions and have always been well supported by club members and extended families of all generations. The nights are a mixture of top table, target challenges, team games, single, doubles matches and loads more.

Everyone looks forward to Parent Challenge and the build up to it probably starts a couple of weeks prior. Players and parents recall the previous challenges and how they aim to be better this time around. Younger players get excited and look forward to playing their parents or other family members who they plan to invite along. I suppose in many cases parents introduce the kids to the sport while maybe on holiday. During that time parents have the upper hand in games until their kids join the club and then the fun begins. In the past on holiday the kids used to get frustrated and maybe even be in tears, now the time has arrived when they put their parents in their place.

Some parents have joined the club having enjoyed the parents challenge experience and the game itself. At the club we also understand the social benefits that work when people come along who would otherwise, especially in the winter months not engage with any other sport at that time of year.

On the night we have a great atmosphere and buzz about the hall. Parents often comment on how well the players are improving and how they enjoyed the night. When you see people playing sport, having a laugh and enjoying themselves you know you’re doing something right.  We look forward to our next Parent’s Challenge when we return.

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