Club News – 1st August 2021

Good Morning,

Let’s Get Ready to Return !!!
Finally we have a date to return to JWSC Sports Hall 2 on Friday 13th August 6pm -745pm
We realise its been a long time coming for our club members and new members keen to start.
Between now and Friday 13th August our club committee will look to ensure everything is in place for a safe return.
Following Table Tennis Scotland Covid guidelines, things at our club night will be set up slightly differently as you would expect.
Hopefully going forward and within the guidelines we can begin to implement changes that will see things return to normal.

Club Zoom Meeting Tuesday 10th August
We plan to have a club Zoom meeting on Tuesday 10th August before we return. Please join us if you can.
I will send out a zoom link before that date.

Many thanks to those who have continued to support the club over the past 18 months.
If you have any questions before then let me know.

Looking forward to it.

Thanks for your support

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