Club News – 30th Jan 2022

Hi Everyone,

Friday Club Night
– Good to see a lot of the familiar faces back at the club after a short absence.
– Nothing better than to see full hall with a buzz about it and everyone enjoying themselves.
– Thanks to Brendan, Bill, Euan and Keith for support.

EKTTC AGM Wednesday 26th January 2021
– Thanks to everyone who attended AGM on Wednesday night.

Club Captain
– Congratulations to our new club captain Achint Makesh who was voted in by our club members.
– The coaches and players look forward to working with Achint over the next year.

Parent Representative
– We also welcome Kirsty Melarkey to our committee as Parent Representative.
– Kirsty very kindly put herself forward for the role.
– We at the club see the need for someone to put forward the parents perspective and to gather parents feedback or their concerns.
– Many parents don’t always have the opportunity to speak to coaches and speaking to Kirsty offers an additional channel for this.

Selecting a new TT Bat can be a challenge but help is available!
– Bill Cummings has put together two documents on his thoughts and experience on selecting blades and rubbers for our club players and coaches.
– When choosing a new made up bat or selecting a blade and rubbers for a new bat this can be a challenge for parents, players and coaches.
– Although Bill is always available to provide advice on best options on equipment,
he wanted to put something down on paper to give the club player’s and coaches a better understanding of what can be an expensive and complex task.
– He has great knowledge of this specific area having completed extensive trials on bats and rubbers at his own expensive and interest for sometime now.
– Watch out for documents appearing soon on EKTTC App.
– Many thanks to Bill for taking the time to provide this source of information.

Bribar Table Tennis
– I’m an agent for Bribar Table Tennis who supply an extensive range of TT equipment and clothing etc.
– If you would like to try one of our trial bats let me know.
– View the Bribar Catalogue

And finally…
Serves – short, half long and long

Thanks for your support


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