Club News – 7th Feb 2022

Hi Everyone,

Friday Club Night
– Another good session on Friday night.
– Thanks to Brendan, Bill, Chris, Robbie and Keith for support.

Table Tennis Scotland Invite
– Two club coaches (Chris and I) will attend a TTS event at Inverclyde next weekend to observe top coaches Ryan Jenkins (Wales) and Alan Cooke (England).
– Over a weekend they will be coaching Scotland’s best talent.
– Thanks to TTS for invite.

Club Fees
– Just a reminder to pay club fees if you haven’t done so already.
– See club fee details in my email from 7th Feb 2022.

Bribar Table Tennis
– I’m an agent for Bribar Table Tennis who supply an extensive range of TT equipment and clothing etc.
– If you would like to try one of our trial bats let me know.
– Bribar catalogue here

And finally…

– Reverse Pendulum – watch the video

Thanks for your support


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